Wednesday 6 January 2010


The white stuff has been falling in St Lawrence on the Isle of Wight since yesterday tea time and has truly changed this island to Isle Of White, I look out to sea (2 min walk) and it is a beautiful sight at any time and with the snow falling it puts a magical touch to it (see pics below), this has made our Island come to a stand still ferries cancelled buses and trains in chaos, I have lived here 23 years and not seen the like, it took my sons partner from 6 o'clock tea time to 1 o'clock in the morning to travel 5 miles home, she had not taken her mobile phone with her so no news as to where she was till 10 o'clock when she had found a friendly person with a phone to let her phone home all that time she had been helping others on her drive home dig out their cars and give them a push to help them on there way, what a credit to the human race she is.

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