Friday, 27 November 2009

Exciting week

This week has been very exciting for me as on Wednesday afternoon when I had just finished all last weeks work I had an e.mail for a new customer with a request for 14 black Rock 'N' Roll petticoats,(this does not happen often) they only problem I had with this they need them by Monday 30 th November and I had no lining for the under slips (sods law) so a trip into town to purchase some which delayed me getting on with the job, I have been head down in my workroom ever since slaving away, just finished the last one ready to pack up tomorrow morning to catch the post and this is what my workroom looks like at the moment, hate working on black it leaves me with a head ache.

What a mess

Another exciting thing happened today (Friday) found out I am on an Etsy treasury with this petticoat below.

Please take a look and leave a comment for this very talented lady Kerrie Slade who has done this treasury, this is one of the most beautiful Treasury I have ever seen on Etsy and worth the front page.

by clicking on the picture below it will take you to this treasury

Poppy Supernova choker

Kerrie Slade

Below is a list of my wish list for Christmas


Handmade ~ from the Heart

Henny Penny Designs

More Christmas wishes coming soon

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Rainy day job

Weather here (Isle Of Wight) has been awful so had to do something indoors, decided that its about time I finish waxing the pine kitchen cupboards, been living without the doors for a long time, (18 months) managed to get 5 done (8 and 4 draws to go) and put back, they look lovely but make the frame work look tatty so looks like I will have to do that as well, this is turning into a nightmare job…
Finished cupboards

With that job done and all the mess cleaned up I have made a nice cup of tea to drink while I crawl around Folksy to see if I can find some more busy bees

Bee Hair Slides


With Hugs and Kisses


Bouncy Stripy Bumble Bee


Woolly Wotnots




beez kneez


lej jewellery


Saturday, 14 November 2009

Petticoat talk

Making petticoats is a very hard and long process as there is so much cutting out before you can even start to make, first the lining, bask and waistband have to be cut then the netting has to be cut into long strips and joined together ready for gathering into tiers, then once gathered into tiers and made into layers its attached to a lining and put onto the bask which either needs elasticating or you make a waistband, you then have to finish the hems with lace or ribbon ,not all petticoats are the same style or fullness but they have yards and yards of netting my largest petticoat being my 7 layer which has 60 mtr in it and takes 3 days to make but its very rewarding at the end of the day to see the finished item and as with all things you make you do wonder at the end of the day if you customer is going to like it or even gives a though to how much work has gone into it, I do get lots of feedback saying how beautiful they are but get very few picture of them being worn and shown off on the day.
Here is just one sent to me over a week ago that I would like to share with you all, this one is a gold and ivory petticoat I made to go under her wedding dress................... a three layer with 3 tiers

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