Sunday 22 November 2009

Rainy day job

Weather here (Isle Of Wight) has been awful so had to do something indoors, decided that its about time I finish waxing the pine kitchen cupboards, been living without the doors for a long time, (18 months) managed to get 5 done (8 and 4 draws to go) and put back, they look lovely but make the frame work look tatty so looks like I will have to do that as well, this is turning into a nightmare job…
Finished cupboards

With that job done and all the mess cleaned up I have made a nice cup of tea to drink while I crawl around Folksy to see if I can find some more busy bees

Bee Hair Slides


With Hugs and Kisses


Bouncy Stripy Bumble Bee


Woolly Wotnots




beez kneez


lej jewellery


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