Thursday, 30 April 2009

This week has been a good week for me I have sold 4 items on Folksy which is a surprise, 2 mobile phone cases 1 stole and a 7 layer petticoat.
I worked on the 7 layer petticoat on Monday, these take me 2 days to make and are very complicated and a lot of gathering to do as every layer has 3 tiers of gathered netting, made in a lovely shade of white with all hems rolled and outer layer with lace on, this has now been posted and hopefully my customer will be opening it shortly, will I get feedback on this item? (see below) hope so.......
7 Layer petticoat

To day I am working on a commission for a designer for 50's style petticoat with 6 layers in a lovely shade of pale pink, this will have 150 yards x 8.8 inches wide of stiff netting and have all rolled hems, will be a very full petticoat when finished, I will post a picture soon of finished item.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sewing machine restoration progress

Sewing machine restoration progress
Today I continued with my restoration on an old Zephyr 1950's sewing machine,(a tip rescue) putting all the parts back nice and clean is the most satisfying part, looking at how dirty these sewing hands are now is not so good when I have to sew all day tomorrow, (can't use gloves)below are a few before and after picture's of my now restored sewing machine, this one has not taken me so long as I have been able to spend 2 whole days due to my back problem making me take a nice sitting down job.


My restoration is now complete

Restoration is not about getting a machine back to its original new condition as that would be impossible, it is after all a very old machine that has seen a lot of ware, mechanically I have take her to bits cleaned every nut, bolt, screw,cleaned her body and case,oiled and greased her and put more life back into her and I now know it will go on to help someone make her crafts as it now sew perfectly, my daughter is going to be very pleased with this one.



Please check back soon for another restoration job that I am doing

New project

Old Bradbury hand sewing machine one for my collection

I will be restoring this very soon if my crafts let me.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Machine restoration

This is the machine I am restoring although not that old about 1950's first I will strip it down and clean all rusty parts check electrics and once I put it back together I will get her sewing again.

Sunny Saturday

Today has been a quite day for me as I could not do much but rest due to a very bad back, just been sitting in sun cleaning up an old sewing machine that someone has asked me to restore for them, below is a picture of it before restoration, will keep you posted on this project.
This afternoon had a friend in for a cup of tea and she suggested I got myself a wheatie bag to put on my back to relieve the pain (like a hot water bottle but with wheat inside that you pop into the microwave and heat up) so off we wet onto the internet to see what we could find and found this little site

we also find she sells on our favourite site