Monday, 12 April 2010

Indie Smiles

So excited I have been in an article on Indie Smiles today written by Amanda at GimmeThatThing it has changed my bad Monday into a great one, Amanda has written a lovely article on Zibbeters who also belong to Folksy, go check it out and also look into Amanda's shop she has some lovely things like these earrings below.


A Baby Girl

I became a grandmother for the 4 th time, my daughter Zoe gave birth on 16th March to a lovely little girl named Polly Jemima weighing in at a nice 6 Ib 15 oz, it will be lovely having a little girl around again, been knitting and sewing ready for her arrival and buying things from Folksy like these things below.

Bella Bunny



Sophie Teddy


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Whats this all about

Well its all about another craft related site called Zibbet recommended to me by a friend, I wandered over to have a look and hope you will too, although it is an U.S. site it is well worth a try as it is FREE, I found it very fresh and the whole site easy to use and has a nice feel about it and its FREE for standard account which you are able to list 25 items and upload 4 photo's, there is a premium account which gives you a few more features but as I am only giving it a try so I will stick with the standard account for now. Try It's FREE Zibbet

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Bridal season is upon us

The bridal season is well and truly upon us and because I have been involved in making bridal wear for such a long time and know how hard it is to get known in the bridal designing world I though I would give a mention to a great new blog called Folksy weddings all about hand made bridal related items by designers, as well as being a very good blog it is also a very good way to get some good ideas for your up and coming weddings, please have a look you will not be disappointed.

I have been very busy myself with designing some new bridal petticoats some short to suit the trendy 5o's style weddings and some long to suit the traditional wedding which are available for sale in my shop for those looking for the perfect bridal petticoat and accessories.

While we are on weddings would like you to share a few of my own personal favorites this one is from Lizziejayne on Etsy a beautiful design set off by a lovely contrasting sash, this dress would work well with one of my 50's style petticoat in a colour to match the sash.
What better to grace your wedding table than with these pretty favour boxes for a shabby chic or vintage feel to your day by Eviegeorge

I don't wear jewellery much but if I was to ever do the married bit again I would choose this Swarovski pearl necklace to wear as I love pearl and this is so beautifully made by SJ-Creative

Just a simple and elegant pearl and crystal tiara by Misha BrideIvory delicate soft tulle and gold edged veil by Annabella Designs


Saturday jumble sale

To day (Sat 6th Feb) has been a very eventful day with an early start rising at 7 o'clock to help my daughter Jackie with a jumble sale she was running to help raise funds for her village (Shorwell on the Isle Of Wight) to get some playground equipment, OH and I arrived at village hall at 8 'clock after picking up another friend to help us, once inside hall there was so much jumble we could hardly get in hall and even more arriving as we set up stalls, I don't think we have worked so hard for a long time getting it arranged for 10 'clock onto tables and looking good to sell, doors were opened and a flood of dealers and buyers descended on us at once scrambling for what they wanted to buy, with teas coffee and cake being served to refresh them so they might just go buy some more, it was hard work but at the end of the day she raised £540.00, well done Jackie and every one who helped.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

More white stuff

More pictures taken on my walk to the local post office this morning as the car is not a good idea at the moment in our village as you can see by the pictures below, there is still no post going in or out of the village or bus, if this goes on any longer I am going to have to walk to the super market which is 3 miles away as our little Post Office/shop is nearly empty of supplies all I could get was milk,toilet rolls,frozen chicken portions and some flour, I don't have a lot either in my freezer or store cupboard, hope this weather improves soon or I might have to eat the OH.

This is a picture taken coming down the 1 in 4 hill to the village the back way into St Lawrence shute
Picture going up St Lawrence shute

View from top of my garden down over our house

View from my balcony out to sea

Because I am shut up indoors today I though I would do some cleaning which just turned into a quick dust a site down the a quick hoover then another site down and a cuppa, nothing much to write so after loading up these pictures I'm just going to have another sit down find a good film and get my knitting out .

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


The white stuff has been falling in St Lawrence on the Isle of Wight since yesterday tea time and has truly changed this island to Isle Of White, I look out to sea (2 min walk) and it is a beautiful sight at any time and with the snow falling it puts a magical touch to it (see pics below), this has made our Island come to a stand still ferries cancelled buses and trains in chaos, I have lived here 23 years and not seen the like, it took my sons partner from 6 o'clock tea time to 1 o'clock in the morning to travel 5 miles home, she had not taken her mobile phone with her so no news as to where she was till 10 o'clock when she had found a friendly person with a phone to let her phone home all that time she had been helping others on her drive home dig out their cars and give them a push to help them on there way, what a credit to the human race she is.