Sunday, 30 August 2009

Destash swap

This is the first time I have joined in the destash swap on Folksy which was kindly organized by hjdcrafts, I did not have to wait long before my swaps from BlissKnits (Sharon)arrived , what a lot of lovely goodies (see below) as you can see by the picture quite a mixture of fabrics and beads and even some seeds, Poppy's and best of all some Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) will love trying to get these to germinate, will let you know how I get on with these in a later blog,

Now back to my goodies, I have given you a few pictures below so that you can see what I have turned my fabric into.

1st up is the Navy blue voile fabric which I cut into the correct length and width then rolled all hems and her it is turned into a lovely blue evening wrap

2nd was a piece or lilac voile which I cut and rolled the hems again and made a neck scarf

3rd was 3 balls of Green colour wool with slight silver flecks in, this I just done a stocking stitch on a big pair or needles, I think it turned out quite nice seeing as I have not knitted for years because arthritis plays me up if I do knitting for to long, enjoyed doing this

4th was 2 doorstops out of blue check fabric one is a jumbo one for a heavy door and the other is smaller

I must have a think to see what I can come up with on the other fabric and all the beads, thank you again to BlissKnits (Sharon)for all these lovely goodies.......

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Charity shop finds

I just love a bargain and yesterday I spent going around the charity shops in our town of Ventnor and found some little gems, well they are gems to me as I just love old china and can't resist a bargain, I mainly collect Spode old italian and Spode Blue pacific (1970) but if I see a bargain I buy it.

This set below I found in RSPCA shop going for a song at £2.00 the set, there is no makers name under the cups just a number 3835 ,they are a very fine china with a leaf pattern in gold, very pretty and I think coffee cups because of there size

This little set below was also in the RSPCA and was only £1.50 for the 6 cups and saucers, they are marked underneath Crown Staffordshire fine bone china no pattern name but I am sure I will find out soon

This set I found in another charity shop and paid 50 p for the 2 sets,the mark underneath on the cups is Duchess bone china England, pattern Ascot, the saucers are marked Royal Albert bone china made in England, pattern is called Val Dor I don't think they are a set because they are by different makers but they are a good match and will suit what I am going to do with them.