Sunday 16 August 2009

Charity shop finds

I just love a bargain and yesterday I spent going around the charity shops in our town of Ventnor and found some little gems, well they are gems to me as I just love old china and can't resist a bargain, I mainly collect Spode old italian and Spode Blue pacific (1970) but if I see a bargain I buy it.

This set below I found in RSPCA shop going for a song at £2.00 the set, there is no makers name under the cups just a number 3835 ,they are a very fine china with a leaf pattern in gold, very pretty and I think coffee cups because of there size

This little set below was also in the RSPCA and was only £1.50 for the 6 cups and saucers, they are marked underneath Crown Staffordshire fine bone china no pattern name but I am sure I will find out soon

This set I found in another charity shop and paid 50 p for the 2 sets,the mark underneath on the cups is Duchess bone china England, pattern Ascot, the saucers are marked Royal Albert bone china made in England, pattern is called Val Dor I don't think they are a set because they are by different makers but they are a good match and will suit what I am going to do with them.

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  1. oh! it reminds me of the village roadshow seeing all these antiques. The tow last ones are lovely! simple, but nice Xx