Wednesday 22 July 2009

Very bad week

I don't know if any one gets bad weeks like I have just had and the weeks not ended yet. Its very lonely working by yourself you have to be very disciplined to work 8 to 5 on your own, I don't think I should have got out of bed this week everything I have touched has gone wrong, 1st thing was Sat I went to get my prescription and chemist was shut, big notice on window closed because chemist was off sick,went to collect again Monday and they had lost it so had to go around surgery and get another and take to chemist again, by this time I had lost my Monday working, Tuesday my upholstery materials I ordered last week came with 2 wrong things so had to pack them up and take to post office, had to put upholstering friends chairs on hold, tried to go onto do some sewing but buy then had lost the plot, (Wed)tried to make soap and can't get it to trace, the only thing that worked today was my strawberry cream sponge (made in lunch hour) I think I will just turn over in bed tomorrow and have a good sleep:)
I am now going to look around Folksy to see what nice things I can find to put on here tomorrow


  1. Sorry to hear you had a rough week. The only thing is, usually if you have one bad thing there is always a good thing that will follow...Look forward to next week! :-)

  2. Your right Olly, on the following Monday I had a commision for a Elizabethan style wedding dress come in and 5 petticoats, will blogg about the dress as soon as I have finished it...:)