Monday 4 May 2009



I spent my holiday in my garden, 4 days of weeding and keeping up with the seedlings which are growing at a very fast rate with all this lovely weather, hope every one enjoyed the holiday as much as I did.

I met this little fella in my garden today, he even waited for me to go inside and get my camera, not a very good picture but then they are so quick your lucky to get them at all.

As we progressed down to the garden centre this afternoon to buy plants we met 2 very strange gentlemen, fantastic works of art

Flowerpot men
Pale Pink 6 Layer 50's 60's style petticoat

Have now finished my commision for a 50's 60's style vintage petticoat and have a picture of it above. now on to another commission one which is black and red and will have 4 layers.

My folksy finds

I found this while searching around folksy today a lovely tiara and some very beautiful pieces of jewellery by Jezabel*Charms you can find this item here


  1. A red squirrel? Wow, you don't see many of those around these parts. Well done on the orders. I love your petticoats.

  2. Your petticoats are stunning! Beautiful, it makes me want to go back in time and sit in a burger bar like in Grease :) xxx