Saturday 1 November 2014

Just a little up date as to what I have been doing since my last post, it has been a very busy year so have not found time to post much as its been heads down all the time sewing and posting out and then there is the invoicing and end of year accounts, its never ending when you run your own business. :)

Have also started a workshop on Wednesday evening teaching sewing by making a project every week, this is working very well and I'm very impressed with my class, will be showing you each week what we have made which might just give you all some inspiration     


Well Autumn is upon us so time to make a few samples for coming season, this is one little number that gave me great pleasure in making as the colour has turned out very well although it can be made in any combination of colours.

This is a new colour of turquoise added to my
 colour range  very electric 


Although I usually only make for the bridal and dance trade I do make a few items for the family and friends when called upon also a few items from the workshop I hold once a week, below you will find a few of these.
For my own home a nice draught excluder
Needle case a project made in my workshop
Sewing machine tidy, project made in my workshop
Refurbished parasol for my garden
Loved making this as was quite a challenge  
Workshop project, bunting

Workshop Project, doorstop
Play mat for granddaughter Polly
Cards made by me for family and friend




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