Tuesday 8 September 2009

My sewing machine collection

My sewing machine collection and restoration started some 20 years ago and now has got to a point where it is so large I no longer have the room so after restoration I try to find good homes for them keeping only the ones that are hard to find.
This one below is a Vintage Elna #1 (aka Grasshopper)Swiss made sewing machine 1940-1952,this is a beautiful bit of swiss engineeringits, the carrying case is designed like an old ammunition box and acts as a table when fully opened, , even has a knee press to lift the foot, still has all it attachments a lovely machine and still in excellent working condition.


Next is the Bernina Record It is a beautiful made machine and manufactured in approx 1960-1966 in Switzerland and this really is the Rolls Royce of all sewing machines.This machine is equipped with the 22 built in stitches, 16 of these are decorative and 6 are practical and also features the buttonhole. the best machine ever, if you can get one of these in working order you will not regret it, they a are worth every penny you would pay on the second hand market.This one is in a as new condition with all attachments and its case a must have for any collector.

Bernina Record


The next one is the Singer 221k white again in lovely restored condition, has its Grey/blue box
and all its attachments very sort after


The next one will be added soon as in the restoration room
The Singer white 221k American green box version which is not as white as the English model, this one I found in this country after a 10 year search

Coming soon

This one is the the Singer 221 K black again in a lovely condition and working order even has its little oil can and attachments, a true collectors piece


Next up is Singer 222k with it's free arm attachment a great little portable model and very hard to find in as good condition as this one, another true collectors piece

Please look in again as I will be adding more of my collection as soon as I have taken pictures of them

Coming up soon treddle sewing machines.
Feel free to ask me any questions about old machines


  1. My mother still uses an old singer, it's black and has an old beat up box, but still works really well, I'll have a look at the model as I'm visiting this weekend, maybe you can tell me how old it is!

  2. Would need the serial number or a description of the decals and box..Annabella

  3. How lovely to know that these machines are being so well loved.
    I still have the singer sewing machine given to my mother as a wedding gift in 1941. It is so heavy and in a grey leather case. I do not use it but can not bear to throw it away as it is the one I first used when I was learning to sew.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi: do you know about of a imitation of the singer vintage? I have one; the State sewing machine. you can view this on my blog.


  5. I would very much like to see your sewing machine but the link did not work...Annabella